Freshly Baked Pie

Written by Lora Rozler
Illustrated by Daniela Vasquez

Published by Words Publishing
Publication Date: May 13, 2017

Freshly Baked Pie is a whimsical tale about five year-old Emily who struggles to do the right thing when she is told to stay away from a cooling pie. Cleverly written by Lora Rozler and beautifully illustrated by Daniela Vasquez, Freshly Baked Pie invites readers alongside Emily’s imaginary battle with a mischievous pie. Never has examining rules and consequences been so much fun.


Lucky Me

Written by Lora Rozler
Illustrated by Jan Dolby
Published by Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Publication Date: June 15, 2017

Available for pre-order HERE

Lucky Me is gratitude-filled picture-book that explores life’s beauty through children’s eyes. Pages come alive with Jan Dolby’s charming illustrations and Thank-You translated into various languages, emphasizing Canada’s diversity. A great addition to every home and school library.


Written and Illustrated by Lora Rozler

Hardcover Marketing

Softcover MarketingIn this emotional and highly visual picture book, a lonely letter sets off on a journey to find meaning. As it encounters various letter combinations, it is confronted by two distinct paths and must make an important choice. Readers of all ages will be captivated by this simple, yet high concept, story that explores universal themes of discovery, relationships and the need to belong, with an underlying message about bullying. Both timeless and original, Words is an evocative tale about how letters become words and words create meaning – meaning which could ultimately build or destroy.

“A compelling story-line, simple yet poignant illustrations, engaging language,
a great read-aloud that offers many opportunities for reflection and discussion with children.”

“A heart-warming story with a clever, powerful message about anti-bullying.
An absolute must-have for every parent and educator.”

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12 thoughts on “Books

  1. This is absolutely beautiful Lora! I love the idea of the “journey” the letter “e” takes to form a word that can have positive or negative connotations and also the message that we always have a choice, and sometimes the only option is to “love”. Amazing written!


  2. Great book! Great opening and great pick for your set! All words liven up each page and keep you fascinated all the way through the book. Your words of insight are such a joy to read and cause everyone to think that the world would be a happier place through making choices…..the right choices and the LOVE is always the right choice. Thanks for sharing – it is a “must” read for all children and adults. Looking forward to reading more of your work!


  3. This book is a wonderful tool to teach children, and even adults, the power of our words! I love how the simplicity of your story and pictures allows your message to be accessible by even the youngest of readers, and yet can be used to teach older children (and remind adults) that we all have a choice and that our words and actions do have a real impact on others. As a teacher and parent I thank you, and look forward to sharing your book and spreading your powerful message of how precious our words are! Amazing job Lora!


  4. As a teacher of 13 years, I am always looking for books that share a strong and thoughtful message to use in my teaching. Lora Rozler has taken an important idea of how a single word or multitude of words can have a lasting impact and brought it to us in a simple, yet thoughtful way. It teaches those young and old how we have a choice in how we use our words and how our choices make a difference. For anyone who has not yet had an opportunity to read this amazing book, now is the time! It will bring a little more Love into your life!


  5. In such a time as this, when we desire green cars, more efficient technology, non traditional business ideas, Lora provokes a reader to think of a very plain, simple yet enormously deep question. The truth is, daily we have the same dilemma little “e” had, having to choose one or another. My hope is that “e” will inspire a reader: young and old, to chose the ONLY right choice!


  6. This book is a great first offering from this author. Engaging, with a message for everyone to take – children and adults alike. We can all relate to “e” at one point or another … the choices we make and the power of positivity vs negativity.


  7. As an elementary school teacher, I will be utilizing this book as a tool to engage my class in discussion around the power of words and choices. Simple. Effective. Very well done!


  8. Lora I must say that you have done a great job with this book. It is absolutely a great book for young kids as well as for older kids. Your imagination behind the making of words pyramid is undoubtedly tremendous..

    My younger son enjoying the ride of letter e and my older one loving the power of strong words. Good job and good luck for future..


  9. What a beautiful little book with a powerful message for children and adults alike. It’s my kids new favourite book at bedtime!


  10. Powerful, profound, and poetic are words that immediately come to mind when characterizing Lora Rozler’s must-read book Words. There are few authors who have the masterful ability to, in one fell swoop, captivate an audience, teach a timeless lesson, and touch the human heart – all of which Ms Rozler has impeccable accomplished through little e’s transformative journey. My Grade 5 students were fortunate enough to get a sneak-peak of Words, and needless to say, they were enthralled, mesmerized and moved. This seemingly simple book throws a powerful punch, compelling its readers to reflect on the significance of words and its witting and unwitting impact, especially as it pertains to the element of choice. Bravo Ms Rozler! I am most confident that you will soon become a household name!


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