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School Visit – Blessed Trinity Catholic School

Thank you for the warm welcome! I had so much fun meeting and talking to your grade 2 and 3 students about things that make us say Lucky Me!

I sure am one grateful teacher/author.

April 28th, Chapters Woodbridge


Join us on March 24th between 1pm – 3pm at Indigo Yorkdale

OLA 2018

Book signing - OLA

Indigo Richmond Hill – Sunday, June 25, 2017 – 11:00-3:00

2017-06-25 (1)

Chapters Woodbridge – Saturday, June 17, 2017 – 12:00-4:00


Gracedale Public School Pajama Day

Thank you Genie Kim for organizing Pajama Day at Gracedale Public School! I had so much fun reading my new picture-book, Freshly Baked Pie, to the most wonderful group of students (K-5), all the while cozy in our PJ’s.

IMG_5504 (2)

Ventura Park Public School (YRDSB) – Nov. 30, 2016

Thank you to the Parent Council at Ventura Park Public School for making me a part of your fund-raising night at Indigo. I truly enjoyed sharing my story with your students, teachers and parents. Congratulations to the lucky winner of the draw!

Book Reading/Signing – Chapters Woodbridge, June 11, 2016


Canadian Children’s Book Week 2016

I was truly honoured when I received the invitation by Rochelle Chester, Teacher-Librarian at Leo Baeck Day School, to present my book, Words, during Canadian Children’s Book Week. The Grade 4 students greeted me with a warm welcome, their research skills clearly evident as they introduced me and my work – I was truly touched!

Highlights from my visit:

School Visit at Leo Baeck Day School, Grade 4, North Campus

School Visit at Leo Baeck Day School, Grade 4, South Campus

IMG_3652 IMG_3654 IMG_3655 IMG_3654

IMG_1291       IMG_1292       IMG_1283


It was an absolute pleasure to be part of such a great community of learners. Thank you Leo Baeck Day School!

Book Reading/Signing – Indigo Richmond Hill, Sun., April 17, 2016


Book Reading/Signing – Chapters Brampton, Sun,. April 24, 2016


Bakersfield Public School (YRDSB) – November 2015

Thank you Rhonda Woolfson for adding Words to your wonderful collection of books at Bakersfield Public School’s library.

Thank you Laura Harrison and Ms. Niewiadomski’s for engaging your students with my Words. I was happy to answer your students question:


 “What is the little dot inside the letter ‘e’?”

The dot in Little e is its eye; it’s what gives it its character. The eye helps breathe life into an otherwise simple letter and gives it a personality. (Just for fun, next time you speak to someone, notice where you first look to try and connect with them) 🙂

Oriole Park Junion Public School (TDSB) – September 2015

Thank you Steph Donovan for making Words a part of Oriole Park’s library collection. To Ms. Paradis’ Grade 5 class – I’m happy to know that Words inspired thoughtful discussions about the impact of Words. Thank you for your engagement!


Book Signing – Chapters, Brampton, October 3, 2015



Book Signing – Indigo, Yorkdale, September 26, 2015


Book Signing – Indigo, Richmond Hill, August 29, 2015

Indigo Upright Poster V4

Book Signing – Chapters, Woodbridge, August 1, 2015



Students have always been the inspiration behind my work. They are essentially who I write for. From the testy first draft to the very last revision, my loyal audience has always been around to give me their feedback. 

And so, of course, it was a great honour to host my first Author Visits surrounded by those same welcoming smiles.

   visit3    IMG_1291



Grade 2

IMG_1351      IMG_1353


IMG_1368_edit   IMG_1385_edit IMG_1390_edit

Pajama Day in Grade 3

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4 thoughts on “Events and Engagement

  1. Hi Ms.Rozler we really like the book words and we are looking forward to reading your book freshly baked pie and lucky me . from mahum and samia your grade two students and now helpers in your kindergarten class .


  2. Thank you Ms. Rozler for inspiring our class to dig deep when we write! Having you share your writing process while writing your thought provoking books really encouraged our English Language Learners to make their own books.
    Thank You!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Mrs. Sher for inviting me to your classroom! It was my absolute pleasure to discuss the elements of story-writing with your students. 🤗 What a fabulous bunch! And what a wonderful teacher they have who inspires a love for literacy ❤️.


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