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Profile PhotoHello and welcome to my website. I hope you can stay awhile.

I recently asked my students (the most adorable Kindergarten bunch ever) for their input on the kind of information that would be important to include in an Author Biography page. Based on their responses I have this to share:

I am 26 years old (hmmm, not really but shhh). I like cats more than dogs. Pizza is my favourite fast food. I have two children that I love very much. My daughter is ten years old and my son is six. When I was young(er), my favourite subjects in school were Writing and Art. Blue is my favourite colour.

Somewhere along the way, our discussion turned into an interview, and so I let it be…

Student: How many books did you write?

Me: So far, I have written one book. Words is my first picture book. 

Student: What is your favourite book?

Me: I have many favourite picture books. Some of them are Lost and Found, The Giving Tree, Whimsy’s Heavy Things, The Dark, Big Bear Hug. There are too many to list.

Student: How do you write so well?

Me: (awww) When I write I try to imagine myself as the character in my story and build everything that happens around their feelings and experiences. For example, when I wrote Freshly Baked Pie (an upcoming book), I imagined that I was five-year-old Emily and described things from her point of view. This makes it interesting for readers because Emily comes alive with the words I use.

Student: Do you like pies?

Me: I absolutely do. I also love all sorts of other pastries too (oh no, they now know about my sweet tooth).


It’s easy to see why I love what I do. Children are so beautiful, so open to share themselves with the world. When I was a kid I remember always wanting to be a teacher. As I grew older, I contemplated other careers too. I debated between being a fashion designer, interior decorator, a psychologist, and even a lawyer too. But I always went back to those fond memories I had as a child, sitting among friends, playing little teacher (when nobody wanted to play anymore, my stuffed animals did just as well). So yes, I love what I do, but also because teaching gives me plenty of room to nourish other passions I have, which include Visual Arts and Writing for children. Many of the poems I use in my classroom are my own. Sometimes I write a poem to springboard a theme or unit we are studying. Other times, I write to simply model how fun writing can be. As for art, we can always use a little more colour in our lives.

Thank you for stopping by. I would love to hear from you. Feel free to share your thoughts and passions with me too.



21 thoughts on “About Me

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    • Hi Jamila! What a pleasant surprise to see you here! 🙂 Thank you for your kind words. I truly enjoy hearing you read the story in class. (If I’m not mistaken, I’d say you probably know it off by heart by now – love it!)


  2. Hi Lora! This is Ronit, Nicole’s friend. I was looking at books in Indigo and I saw your name, I was so surprised that you were an author. I am actully planning on reading your book, “Words” this weekend. I just wanted to say a big “Good Luck” with your new up coming books!


  3. Hi Lora: Thanks to Alisha who noticed you this morning. I started to visit your website. This is really a beautiful and awesome presentation. I loved your poetry before but you are a very good author too! I will comment on your books when I finish them.
    Thanks and good luck to your creativity.
    Sajjad Shakeel


    • Hello Sajjad!
      What a lovely surprise! Thank you for your kind words about my work. I am most humbled!
      It was a pleasure to speak with you the other day – it has certainly been awhile. You have an incredible family and I am honoured to have gotten to know each of you over the years (Alisha’s heart-warming letter still hangs on my wall 🙂
      Your beautiful sentiments about my poems have inspired me to start working on my next book – a collection of poetry (it has been sitting on my To-Do list for far too long). Thanks for that!
      Wishing you and your family a wonderful long weekend!
      Warm regards,


    • Hi my beautiful Alisha. What a heartwarming surprise it is to find you here. Thank you for your sweet sentiments! I miss being your teacher, for sure. You always had a way of making me smile, as you still do. I would love for you to come by at recess and say Hello, maybe even stay awhile 🙂 See you soon! XO


  4. Hi Ms.Rozler! My name is Sana, I was in your class in Grade 2 (2003-2004). I loved being in your class. Your love for children and teaching had a such a positive effect on your students. It’s amazing to see you doing all these great things!


    • Hi Sana! So nice to hear from you!! 😊Thank you for your kind and beautiful words. I hope you’ve been well. I would absolutely love to see you and catch up. Feel free to pop in for a visit one of these days!! ❤️


  5. Hi Ms.Rozler! It’s me Alisha! I hope you are doing the very best! I am very excited to read your books Bear and Sackful Of Poems! I miss you very very much!!!! 😀


    • Hi Alisha!!! It’s SOOO nice to hear from you! I miss you and hope you are doing well in your new home and school. Please say a big HELLO from me to your family. It was so nice of you and your mom to stop by after the end-of-year parade last year. It made my day that much more meaningful! XOXO


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